About Us

“We talked, signed, they enabled the teams at our 13 sites, picked up all the current Lost Property and managed all the logistics thereafter in 3 days.” -Mr S, Operations Director, UK Motorway Service Station Operator

Zero Burden Services got its start in 2016. Since then, we’ve built an amazing team and wonderful working relationships with businesses all over the UK. Our aim has always been to provide a complete, ethical, transparent and free service to businesses, sports and entertainment venues and other organisations, making the burden of providing world class lost and found services effectively zero.
Our main focus is and will always remain returning as many lost items to their rightful owners as possible. In that, Zero Burden Services have been incredibly successful.

ZBS repatriation rates vary between 46% and 97%, depending on the type of organisation and lost items.

Compare that to the overall average of less than 15% repatriation for traditional lost and found methods, and we think you’ll agree that the ZBS system works

Meet the Zero Burden Service Team



A 25-year IT industry veteran, Nick is focused on business development and management, in lockstep with our clients from day one. GDPR and Contracts lead with experience in multi- channel business and sales. Building and maintaining customer links.



A 20-year Police veteran, Martin is our Subject Matter Expert and is our liaison to Police Forces Worldwide. Using experience to reduce client risks & fraud whilst building easy processes for customers at home and globally.


Logistics Manager

Manages all the logistics operations to ensure we work successfully, on time, every time.
Handling client customers and returning property to their lawful owners all day.


Business Development Team Lead

Manages our tele outreach team and process, helping expand the customer base benefiting all clients within our interconnected World.


Business Development Manager and Linguistics expert for the Courts.

Leading the way with experience and thoughtful prowess. Cam builds confidence and growth in partnership working. Taking customers through the easy changeover to ZBS. Speaking 6 languages, Cam can assist any business in the EU overcoming barriers.


Business Development Regional Manager

Building relationships and forging links with new customers and ploughing forward with refreshing business acumen and diligence. Neil is vastly experienced in most business sectors so no process is hard to integrate into ZBS.


Growth and Development Manager

A 30-year Police veteran, Kevin is our liaison to Police Forces and Insurance companies.
Using experience to reduce client risks and build easy process reducing crime and building a
robust framework for auditability.