Zero Burden Service is becoming the Lost and Found solution of choice for some of the UK’s best known and favourite companies, venues and attractions because of its low cost, complete transparency and total ease of use.

The entire process works like this:

Item Registration

Register lost items using our free mobile app in well under a minute. Just snap a pic, enter a few words, and leave the item in our pick-up container for collection.
The best part is that your responsibility ends there!

Item Owners Search Our Website

If anyone asks after a lost item, simply refer them to us via your website, adding our link or via your telephone system as the police do. We’ll take care of the entire process, including customer service.

Most enquiries take less than a minute, as our website is easy to use, fast, secure and updated in real time. The property owner even has a picture of the item to ensure they are claiming the right piece.

In the case of phones, jewellery and other expensive, sensitive or desirable items, we take extensive precautions to ensure the item goes only to its rightful owner – one of the most time consuming activities your staff would normally be expected to perform.

Item Repatriation and Owner Invoicing

We have several secure, efficient methods of returning different classes of items to their owners. We handle every aspect of the operation and assume the burden of all insurance and other costs. We also arrange for the owner to be invoiced for the collection, storage and repatriation service.
And then we pay you when returning items or when upcycling items.

Recycling, Auction or Ethical Disposal of Unclaimed Property

Sadly, some items will never be reclaimed. If that is the case, we will take steps to see that valuable items are auctioned responsibly and in accordance with all applicable regulations, including the Data Protection Act. Items with no auction value will be donated to local charities, upcycled, recycled, or otherwise disposed of in an environmentally sustainable and WEEE approved manner.
We can be your source of environmental credentials.