ZBS works on any modern smart phone or tablet. The app is free. You should need no special equipment at all beyond that.
Yes. You’ll need Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to use the app to take pictures and make notes on found items.
Absolutely nothing. All costs are the responsibility of the lost property owners.
Yes. Any number of your people can run the app, and all can be registered for the same location.
Yes. This is a free service, we provide a contract to provide you with the Data Sharing protections needed under the UK’s Data Protection Act May 2018 as well as your revenue share information.
Yes, we take full responsibility for providing a point of contact for lost property owners, validating ownership and returning their property to them, once in our hands. You don’t have to do a thing.
The app is called MissingX Virtual LPO, and can be found at (link to Google Play store) and (link to apple play store). It is free, and contains full instructions for use.
Once a property owner identifies their item on our website and proves their ownership, we give them several easy and secure options to pay for storage and return online, including any applicable administration fee (following nationally approved RDG guidelines) and Courier postage & packaging. You never have to worry about any of that.