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“We used to have to use manual processes to try to reunite our patrons with their lost items with the time associated with that. Now not only is this automated, we also do not need to hold the items or worry about them – in the sure knowledge our patrons will get their items back”
-Mrs K, Front of House Manager, London Theatre

Registering items, customer service and enquiry handling, and eventual disposal of unclaimed items is one of the greatest completely avoidable expenses music venues face.

Zero Burden Service represents a fast, easy and responsible way for you to manage festival lost property as well as at similar outdoor events, which can save you a great deal of time, effort, space (and yes) money.

We offer a versatile, easy to use and literally free lost property service to arenas and other organisations like yours. We can help you greatly increase your operational efficiency by cutting the amount of staff time you have to dedicate to lost property services to literally seconds per item.
We handle collection, storage, owner identification, repatriation, security, compliance and all other aspects of the lost property service.
That means your patrons will be more likely to recover festival lost property items and the cost to you will be dramatically lessened. Everyone wins.

Take a look at the other industries we provide our lost property services to.

ZBS is fast, simple and free to use.

The Key Benefits of leaving your lost property operations to Zero Burden Service

ZBS is fast, simple and free to use.

Our repatriation service is safe, secure and ethical

Your patrons will have a simple, certain and trust-building item reclamation experience

All property owner and other data will be held in full compliance with the Data Protection Act and other regulations

All items containing personal data will be treated respectfully and handled securely, also in compliance with relevant standards

Unclaimed items will be resold, upcycled, recycled or otherwise dealt with transparently and responsibly, after a reasonable time.

How ZBS works at a festival or other outdoor event:

Step 1: Item Registration

A member of your staff photographs lost items turned in to them with any smart phone running our app, the log in a brief description. This process literally takes around 30 seconds, even for new users of the system.

Step 2: Item Storage and ZBS Pick-Up

Simply drop the item into the secure pick-up container we provide. Our carefully vetted and highly trained couriers will seal the container securely and take it in to our storage facility at the end of your event.

Step 3: Item Return

If anyone asks after a lost item simply refer them to the website. We’ll repatriate the item safely and securely for a small fee, payable by the owner. Note that our item repatriation rate is as high as 97%, much higher than traditional lost and found rates!

Step 4: Recycling of Unclaimed Items

Any items which remain unclaimed for a reasonable period of time will be disposed of ethically. In many cases this means repairing or refurbishing them and selling them at auction. Other items will be upcycled, recycled or otherwise disposed of safely and ethically. If any profit is to be realised from the sale or disposal of unclaimed items turned in to your location, your organisation would receive a share of those profits.