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The Emotional Side Of Returning Lost Objects

Often, when we look at our return policy for lost items, or items that were mistakenly left at our businesses by customers, we look at the financial aspect of it. We see the item as a number and not the person that the item belongs to. There is a cost involved with shipping the item to our customer and the item itself usually has financial value. For many business owners, this is where the idea of lost property stops. But there is another side to #LostProperty that many of us don’t often think about and that side can be even more important than the financial value of the item itself.

The Emotional Side Of Returning Lost Objects

I am talking about the emotional side of returning lost objects. While a new smartphone has a high financial value, it can be replaced rather quickly through your mobile provider. The photos and information stored within are usually stored on a cloud server and reappear once you boot up your new smartphone. But what about the objects that are more sentimental? While they don’t have a specific financial value, they can mean the world to your customer.

Take, for example, a child’s stuffie, or a special memento that has great sentimental value. Your customer could be distraught knowing that they have lost an important family heirloom or something that has been handed down from a relative who has passed away. These items are irreplaceable and there are a lot of emotions attached to these. Many business owners have noticed that when sentimental items or items which customers have a strong emotional attachment to are returned, the customers are much more relieved and appreciative.

More Sales And Sustainable Growth

What does all of this mean for your business? When customers see a business go above and beyond what is expected of them, they are more likely to leave a positive review of that business online and they will tell their friends and family on social media about their experience. This can lead to more sales and sustainable growth for your business just for doing what is right and ensuring a lost item finds its home.

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