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7 Most Common Items Left In Hotels

For many travellers, their hotel room is a place where they can relax, sleep, clean up and store their items temporarily while on holiday. Unfortunately, hotel rooms are also one of the leading places in the world for misplaced belongings. For hotel management, it can be incredibly time consuming and expensive to return lost and misplaced items to their rightful owners. With that being said, there is a way that hotel managers can get lost items back to their rightful owners conveniently and affordably. But first, let’s take a look at some of the 7 most common items left in hotels around the world:

The Most Common Items Left In A Hotel Room

Jewellery- Jewellery is easy to leave behind. At the end of the day, you might just take it off and place it on the table, countertop or desk in your hotel room without thinking about it. You take shower and then go to sleep. Jewelry is relatively heavy for a small item and it can end up behind the nightstands or inside the couch.

Phone Chargers- smartphone chargers are often left still plugged into the outlet. At home, phone chargers are often plugged in permanently and people often think of them the same way in hotel rooms.

Toiletries- abandoned toiletries are often found in bedside tables, showers and bathroom counters. Since toiletries are generally cheap, hotel guests often forget about them when checking out.

Clothes- clothes are often left behind in closets, nightstands and dressers. While storage spots in hotel rooms are designed to make guests feel at home, they are not meant to be used permanently, yet many guests do use these storage areas as if they were at home.

Keys- guests will often place house keys in the hotel room drawers or on the countertops. This will cause them to forget about their keys for the time being and realise that they have left them behind when they reach home.

Laptops And Mobile Devices- laptops and mobile devices are designed to be portable and they are often left behind in hotel rooms by business travellers and young children.

Books- people will often bring books along on holiday to keep them occupied during long distance flights or to feel relaxed before they go to bed. After reading their book, they might put it in the nightstand drawer and forget about it.

So which of these devices do you think are the most common items left in hotels? Hotel managers around the world have told Zero Burden Services that their guests leave more charging devices than anything else upon checkout.

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